Городской проект

City Project 

What is the City Project? 

In short, the City Project is a new feature that allows players to contribute unwanted or unneeded items for the greater good of the city.
The City Project will be available on all game worlds as a permanent feature. 
(All game worlds starting from 02.05.23 onwards will receive the city project feature.)

How do I unlock the City Project? 

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Once you have reached 1000 Prestige, the City Project automatically gets unlocked for you. A pop-up will confirm that it is now unlocked and explain to you how it works.

How does it work? 

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Where to find the City Project: 

By clicking on your city and opening the overview, you will notice a new tab named ‘City Project’ right next to the Overview and the Passengers tab.

Clicking on the City Project tab will open the overview of the City Project. Here you will see which reward can be unlocked, how much Project Points are still needed to unlock the reward and a ranking of the players that have already donated.  

How to contribute and unlock rewards:  

You can now contribute for the first time!  

Click on the button at the bottom of the tab named ‘Contribute to this Project’ and a new window will appear. 

Before contributing, it might be good to know what you can contribute, and how much Project Points each item will give upon contribution. For this, simply click on the ‘Exchange rates’ button on the top middle of the window. Once you have read all you wanted to know, close the Exchange rate window again. 


Now back to that first contribution. 

Here you can choose what and how much you would like to contribute. Once you have chosen the item you would like to contribute, simply click on it and then on the right, you can toggle how many/much you would like to donate. Alternatively, you can also type the amount.  

You can only toggle up to the amount that is needed to unlock the current reward. If you type more into the box than needed, it will automatically adjust to the maximum amount needed to unlock the current reward. 

All that is left to do now, is to click ‘Donate’ and you are done!  

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that there will only be an additional popup asking for confirmation of your contribution if you plan to contribute gold. So, be sure you want to contribute before hitting that Contribution-Button. 

Once enough Project Points were donated to unlock the current reward, the reward will be sent out or applied to everyone eligible of receiving it. Read more about who can receive what further down. You will now notice that the next reward becomes visible, and you can start contributing for that one too if you like.  


All about the rewards: 

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You can unlock up to 5 City Project rewards per City Level. Once you have unlocked all 5 rewards, the city needs to level up to start over.

If the City levels up before all 5 rewards are unlocked, the locked rewards are lost and can no longer be unlocked.  

This means you will need to add a little bit more planning to the mix. Do you want to level up fast, and maybe miss out on some City Project rewards? Or would you rather wait a little bit longer with levelling up, until all 5 rewards are unlocked? 

Each reward can only be received once per city level. Rewards that are still active from the previous level, can also not be won again until they are no longer active.  

Some rewards are bonuses for the entire city. That means all players connected to the city will benefit from them, regardless of if it is their hometown or not.  

Some rewards are vouchers that each player gets, so long as it is their hometown.  

The next reward will become visible only when the previous one has been unlocked. Rewards can only be activated in a row.  

There is no way of calculating what the next reward might be, other than that it cannot be the same one as already given out during that city level, or that is currently still active.  

Active bonuses/rewards are displayed on the top right of your screen, same as your power bonus or other bonuses you might have running at the time.  

List of all the rewards that can be unlocked:

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  • Revenue bonus for all transports to the city (goods and passengers)
  • Revenue bonus for all transports to industries belonging to the city
  • Waiting time bonus in all industries belonging to the city
  • Prestige bonus for all transports to the city (goods and passengers)
  • Prestige bonus for all transports to industries
  • Better competition rewards
  • Reinforcement (Magnus bonus engine)
  • Engine voucher
  • Waggon voucher
  • Track voucher
  • Investment voucher
  • Upgrade voucher

All about Contributions: 

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You can contribute all kinds of things, so long as you own them.

Each item you can contribute is worth a different amount of Project Points. Hit the Exchange Rate button in the City Project tab to read more. The amount of money or Research points needed for Project Points depends on the era.  

How many Project Points are needed to unlock a reward is based on the level of the city in comparison to the other city levels on that game world as well as the number of players in the city.  

Each reward will need 50% more Project Points to unlock than the previous reward. (Simplified example: Reward 1: 50 Project Points, Reward 2: 75 Project Points, Reward 3: 100 Project Points, etc.) 

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that there will only be an additional popup asking for confirmation of your donation if you plan to donate gold. So, be sure you want to donate before hitting that Donation-Button. 


What you can contribute:  

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  • Bonus engine upgrade voucher 
  • Power bonus voucher 
  • Free lottery ticket 
  • Half waiting time voucher 
  • Headquarters donation voucher 
  • Instant upgrade voucher 
  • Track voucher 
  • Building upgrade voucher 
  • Engine voucher 
  • Investment voucher 
  • Licence voucher 
  • Mechanic voucher 
  • ‘Collect all trainspotters’ voucher 
  • Gold 
  • Instant dispatch voucher 
  • Money 
  • Research point 
  • Upgrade voucher 
  • Waggon voucher 

What if’s and other questions:  

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What if… 

…I don’t need the vouchers I got rewarded? 

 – Easy! Just contribute them to the next reward.  


…I already have a reward or bonus active from elsewhere?  

– Vouchers will still be received. Specific bonuses can be stacked. 


… I contribute a voucher that is worth more Project Points than are needed to unlock the current reward? 

 – The leftover points will automatically be contributed to the next reward that can be unlocked.  


… I contribute, but someone was faster than I and already unlocked the last reward? 

 – You will receive a message and your items will not be contributed.  


… I contribute, but someone was faster than I, but did not contribute enough to unlock the reward, but I would have contributed ‘too much’ now? 

 – Only the amount needed to unlock the next reward will be contributed from you, even if you originally put in more. 



Q: Can I contribute to the City Project while in sitter mode?  

A: No.  


Q: Can I play the City Project on the mobile app? 

A: Yes! 


Q: Is the City Project also playable during the Endgame? 

A: No, the City Project Feature is not available during endgame. The City Project will be deactivated 24h before the endgame. There is a timer, starting 24h before, that will show how much time is left before the City Project gets deactivated. 


Q: Can I win prestige for being the highest contributor? 

A: Yes, you can! Contribute now to find out how much. 😊