Game Update 6.8.1 (Product Care 5)


Dear players,


The time has come to inform you about what is in our 5th Product Care Update!

Are your trains rather stubborn, resisting any changes? Did they keep sticking to old schedules, even though you told them to change their ways? We have given the trains a good talking to and made some improvements that will make them follow the schedules you set for them.

We heard about the futuristic trains, teleporting wherever they please, and we have stopped that behaviour. From now on, they will remain in the present and stick to their routes.

Remember the little black caterpillar crawling over your screens? Its name is Pollux, and it has received a new coat of paint!

Of course, we have also taken care of a whole bunch of other annoying little bugs, thanks to all your reports. Thank you for that!

Have fun playing,
Your Rail Nation Team


Update rollout

:one: 14.03. – Initial Rollout (with downtime) 09:45 UTC – 10:15 UTC (+/-15 min)
:gb:  EN1 Steam Boiler, EN101 Golden Gate, EN201 Big Ben
:ru:  RU1 Паровой котел, RU201 Золотое кольцо
:de:  DE101 Golden Gate


:two: 16.03. – Country Rollout (no downtime) 09:45 UTC
:gb:  EN2 Firebox, EN3 Smoke Chamber, EN5 Cylinder Head, EN202 Loch Ness, EN203 Tower Bridge
:ru:  RU5 Коленчатый вал, RU201 Золотое кольцо
:de:  DE105 Grand Canyon


:three:  21.03. – Global Rollout (no downtime) 09:45 UTC
:de:  DE1 Dampfkessel, DE3 Rauchkammer, DE4 Kohlekasten, DE5 Kurbelwelle, DE7 Drehgestell, DE8 Kuppelstange, DE9 Regulator, DE11 Dieselpumpe, DE18 Stellwerk, DE201 Branderburger, DE204 Neuschwanstein, DE205 Holstensor
:es: ES1 Máquina de Vapor, ES201 El Escordial
:flag-gr:  GR1 Βραστήρας Ατμού
:flag-pt: PT1 Caldeira a vapor


:four:  21.03. – Global Rollout (no downtime) 09:50 UTC
:flag-cz: CZ1 Kotel, CZ3 Komín, CZ7 Rychlík, CZ101 Golden Gate, CZ201 Vyšehrad
:fr:  FR1 Chaudière à vapeur, FR3 Boite à fumée, FR101 Golden Gate,  FR201 Tour Eiffel
:it:  IT1 Caldaia, IT3 Camino, IT101 Golden Gate, IT201 Colosseo
:flag-nl:  NL1 Stoomketel, NL201 Euromast
:flag-ro:  RO1 Cazanul de aburi


:five:  21.03. – Global Rollout (no downtime) 09:55 UTC
:globe_with_meridians: N1 Nordic Rail, N101 Golden Gate, N201 Scandinavia
:flag-pl:  PL1 Kocioł parowy, PL3 Komora dymna, PL5 Wał korbowy, PL11 Pompa Diesla, PL101 Golden Gate, PL201 Wawel
:flag-tr:  TR1 Buhar Kazanı, TR2 Ateşleme Ocağı
:flag-ua:  UA1 Паровий котел, UA2 Вугільна топка
:us:  US1 Crankshaft, US101 Golden Gate, Grand Central, US103 Broadway


The following game worlds will not get the update now because they are either offline or shortly before endgame. They will restart with the new version.

:de:  DE7 Drehgestell, DE107 Broadway
:es:  ES2 Caja de fuego
:fr:  FR202 Arc de Triomphe
:flag-nl:  NL2 Kolenkast
:flag-pt:  PT2 Fornalha
:flag-ro:  RO2 Cutia de foc
:ru:  RU15 Ведущая ось, RU105 Бродвей

We have given the trainspotters a new outline to stand out better. We have adjusted the size of the passengers icon on the bonus engine card. The Pollux has received a new coat of paint and should look nicer when chugging along on the map. We have reworked the design of some of the goods icons for better differentiation (steel, bauxite, copper ore and glassware). RN-9910 – ACCESSIBILITY: Adjusted the colour of links on a dark background for better visibility. RN-9357 – ASSOCIATION: Fixed an issue where the option "blank" was missing from the "symbol" section. RN-5021 – BROWSER: Fixed the missing display of the Rail Nation logo in browser tabs. RN-9703 – BUY ENGINE: Fixed an issue where the link to the laboratory would not stop loading if trying to select a train of a previous era that had not been researched yet. RN-4844 – LANGUAGE: Fixed an issue where the game would start in English, even if German had been previously selected. RN-9237 – LANGUAGE: Fixed an issue where the tutorial would show an empty speech bubble after switching language. RN-8759 – LOADING: Fixed an issue where the game world would not finish loading if the monitor was used in pivot mode. RN-8394 – MAP: All train positions should now be displayed correctly when track maintenance is active, with no "teleporting" occurring anymore. (If you're still encountering this bug, please contact the Support Team and provide as many details as possible about the actions you performed before/while encountering the bug. Thank you!) RN-4705 – MESSENGER: The system messages will now be shown with the correct font when containing a link. RN-8253 – NAME CHANGE: Fixed a bug which allowed changing the avatar name to a new name with fewer characters than the minimum amount allowed. RN-10121 – POWER BONUS: Fixed an issue where the speed bonus displayed the wrong value. RN-9900 – PRIMUS: The correct number of waggons is now displayed for the Primus in the starter package. RN-9822 – RANKINGS: Fixed an issue where multiple screens would open on top of each other when clicking containers in the ranking too quickly. RN-1992 – STATION: Fixed a bug where it was possible to exceed the maximum level of the engine house when buying the starter package twice. It is also no longer possible to buy the starter package more than once. RN-9884 – TRAIN LIST: The "by schedule" filter now displays the correct filtered list. RN-9718 – TRAIN LIST: Previously chosen filters should now apply to all available train lists, even after moving trains to or from the museum or similar. RN-2044/2052 – TRAIN SCHEDULE: Trains now accept the new schedule when changing the schedule for all trains. (If you're still encountering this bug, please contact the Support Team and provide as many details as possible about the actions you performed before/while encountering the bug. Thank you!) RN-6142 – TUTORIAL: Fixed an issue with the green and fully researched panels of the upgraded train. They are no longer interactive. RN-7931 – TUTORIAL: Fixed an issue where the hint icon was missing and had the wrong colour.
RN-7176 – CRASH: Fixed some issues that could cause app crashes in the loading screen. (Please reach out via the Support Team with exact details if you still experience this issue.) RN-9419 – LICENCE: Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of money was displayed when buying a licence. RN-10465 – LOBBY: Adjusted the lobby so it is no longer possible to lock yourself out of the career. RN-9489 – LOGIN: It is now possible to log in to the app, even when the email address starts with a special character. RN-6087 – RESEARCH: Added the arrows for researching some trains that had gone missing. RN-5258 – SHOP: Fixed a bug where the app would crash when opening the shop via the personal offer screen. RN-9299 – SHOP: Fixed an issue where the daily bonus tab button was not displaying an indicator for the premium survey. RN-9177 – TEXT: Bold text will now be displayed correctly. RN-4907 – TRAIN: Improved the speed of when the "service train" loads in the context menu of the train. RN-9158 – TUTORIAL: Fixed an issue where not all current events were displayed. RN-6832 – VISUAL: Fixed overlapping pictures in the "endgame over" screen.